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I have already mentioned in my previous articles about shyness that shyness is just a symptom for another problem such as low self esteem or inferiority complex.Since i already covered before how shyness can be dealt with i will focus in this article on conversation tips that can help you communicate better with people if you are a shy person.All people want reassurance even the confident ones and that's why people usually feel uneasy around the shy person because of believing that he doesn't want to talk to them!

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Shy people have a lot to deal with, considering our society is less forgiving towards them.

Everyone expects you to be outgoing and social – in relationships, careers, with kids, etc., But the truth is that every one is born a certain way, and every personality has a place in this world.

This bad impression feeds his low self esteem and thus reinforces his shyness problem.

For example most shy people will remain silent most of the time because they are too afraid to talk and never realize that others will never feel good around a silent person.

Most of them learned about the workshop through the New York Shyness and Social Anxiety Meetup; with more than 2,500 members, it’s the largest social anxiety meet up in the world, according to the group’s leader, Erik Silverman.

SAD first appeared in the Still, the Food and Drug Administration approved the drug company Glaxo Smith Kline to market Paxil as the antidote (“Imagine being allergic to people,” the ad says), and soon, both Paxil prescriptions and SAD diagnoses were on the rise.With most people, I'm reserved 'cos I find them boring and too banal. But, I am only shy until I get to know a person..I get to know someone and feel comfortable with them, I can be a total goofball.It's just the initial "getting to know you" phase that is difficult for me (whether is a guy I'm interested in, or even a classmate - guy or girl - that I'd like to be friends with). When i worked in a restaurant, we had a couple who always came in for two soups, they always read two newspapers.If you don’t know the person that well, read up on some general topics like movies or travel – but please stay away from the weather! You don’t want the fear of body odor adding to your existing worries.Keep your hair clean and shiny, wear elegant clothes that are ironed and well maintained, take care of facial/body hair and be sure to be clean and wear a good perfume.By contrast, several other students fidget, stare at the floor, and admit nothing.

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