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Asked how long she had not been in touch with Ethan, Tiffany evaded the question and said, “Whether we contact or not is not important.

I feel we have to give ourselves some space to grow.” When being probed if she and Ethan had broken up, Tiffany paused for a long while before replying, “Yes, we have broken up.

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We have separated for a while.” Rumours said that Ethan had cheated on Tiffany and dated his co-star in , Zhou Dongyu.

However, Dongyu recently disclosed the identity of her boyfriend.

I believe everything that my boyfriend says.” When asked if Ethan had cried due to the news, Tiffany thought about it for moment and replied, “Crying is not the main point.

He should know what he needs to do.” Tiffany was very calm over the news.

It was the first time they met again after the scandal broke out.

Ethan explained to the media that he and the girl was “in the same room but not on the same bed,” and which his “friend arrived a little later to meet up with them.” Although the explanation still seems suspicious, Tiffany has chosen to believe in her boyfriend, “I give my full trust in my relationship.He also often secretly met with his 'exes' at hotels every once in awhile.He was revealed to have met with his exes at least three times five-years-ago.After Hsu found out about the pair's recent affair, she was heartbroken and furious.and her relationship status became the highlight of the press conference.I feel it would be better for us to give each other some space to mature."She also declined to respond to speculations about Ethan's romance rumours with his "Shanghai Noir" co-star, Zhou Dongyu."These are personal questions that I don't want to bother with.

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