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Despite the Chinese influence, and the gradual import of western culture, movies and music, Tibet still remains a pretty traditional sort of place, especially outside of the major cities.If you’re a foreign lady, and you find yourself developing a healthy friendship with a Tibetan man, don’t be in the least bit surprised if he wants to take you home to meet his family, or in particular, his brothers…

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An awning over the narrow veranda kept the rain off the Tibetan monks who sat drinking and laughing in their maroon robes, unperturbed by the small river that formed along the potholed lane outside. An obscure path, almost hidden, drew me into the forest.

The rain had stopped and a heavy mist draped the narrow track, decorated with Buddhist prayer flags. “I come here in 2006,” she began, referring to her escape from Tibet.

Most children won’t know which of their ‘uncles’ is actually their biological parent, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

All but the most open minded male reading this is probably wincing at the very thought, but for the Tibetans it’s absolutely normal.

After about five days, Kunga and her sister had to abandon much of their clothing and food supplies as they were too heavy.

“We think it doesn’t matter as long as we reach border.There is no inhibition on social intercourse between young men and women before marriage.The husband controls and inherits the property of the family and the wife is subordinate to the husband, even if he is married into a woman's family. Marriages between serfs had to be approved by their manorial lords.In addition to receiving the traditional training usually reserved for male teachers, she also studied journalism, business management, homeopathy and sciences.With her unparalleled training, she has built a reputation as a sharp-witted and unconventional teacher who is never afraid to "rock the boat" as she continues to question the responsibility and role of women in the Buddhist society.She is one of the very few fully trained female Rinpoches ("precious masters") in the Tibetan tradition.

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