The teen guide to dating

When your teen starts dating, it can be exciting and a little scary.

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Teens’ relationships today can be even more consuming than ours were – with the added accessibility of the other person making the relationship both more private and more public simultaneously, as well as more intimate – and potentially more intense.

In that perfect world where you get everything right as a parent, conversations about relationships, dating, and intimacy need to start as early as possible (probably around the age of eight years).

The following tips can also be useful in helping teens balance their relationship with the rest of their lives: How to survive your teens’ personal relationship breakdown It is almost inevitable.

Many parents set rules for their Christian teens about dating.

If a teen is dating another Christian, there is a greater likelihood that they will remain abstinent and supportive of one another.

How many times have you heard someone say, “She’s such a flirt” or “He’s going to be a real ladies' man” about a baby?

When teenagers see long-winded language in a book, often we have no desire to read that book and I certainly fall into that category.

However, this book writes about each separate matter in a simple yet direct tone, doesn’t beat about the bush and, because of that, it kept me engaged from start to finish.

Then you can sit down and have a conversation to see if your teen is ready.

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