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They probably also told you that these topics, above any others, should absolutely never, under any circumstances, be raised while on a first or second, maybe even third, date.Your parents have most likely changed their minds this year—the year of the Hillary Clinton–Donald Trump 2016 presidential election.

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Election-related coverage is everywhere right now, so unless you are making an effort, it’s a difficult topic to avoid. You may even learn and grow as a person because of it.

If differing political views are a deal breaker for you, then you might as well make that your first question and get the possible elimination out of the way quickly. An e Harmony article says one way to have a successful relationship with someone ofopposing political views is to simply “Declare the subject off limits.”“This may not seem like the most mature approach, but its at least somewhat safe.

Jen Doll wrote, in an article for The Wire,“When you’re looking for someone to date and maybe fall in love with, you want someone who shares a certain set of values, simply.

And politics, or how you want to vote and why, the things you believe in terms of the future of America, women’s rights, healthcare, the economythese are all pretty big things, big things to agree or disagree on.”When it comes down to it, we all have deal breakers – certain issues we feel so strongly about, we refuse to compromise.

They're not shy about their black card, so why be shy about your politics?

I'll admit, avoiding the danger zone of first date topics is always hard for me, more so after my second cocktail, but in the past year, it's felt as if those were the things to talk about. Dating is hard in general, but dating during an election year can feel impossible, especially if you're particularly outspoken about issues that directly affect your way of life. Things you couldn't possibly argue from the other side even if you were back in high school and had to play devil's advocate for debate class or something. It's better to find out early on if your fundamental views butt heads, that way you can shift your focus.

In other words, it might be more ideal if you two could discuss all the issues in a loving and respectful way, and then simply agree to disagree on the points where you diverge. Some people just have such strong feelings when it comes to certain political issues that they cant calmly and reasonably discuss their opinions and feelings with someone who disagrees with them.”So, basically, if you can’t talk about it without the conversation ending in a fight, just don’t talk about it at all.

The problem with this approach, while it may work for some, is that there will always be some level of connection missing in the relationship.

Grandma always said there are two topics that are off limits at the dinner table: politics and religion. Because they are two of the most controversial topics, and often lead to fighting and hurt feelings.

Should politics in dating be treated the same way as politics at Grandma’s dinner table?

Right now, how can you not discuss politics publicly?

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