Sex chat profiles - The consolidating smartphone pie

At Google’s I/O developer conference this week, the search giant formally announced Android Pay, its new mobile wallet product for making in-store and digital payments through Android.

Now, after years of trying to make a dent in the mobile payments space, Google finally has a credible offering, unfettered of previous restrictions.

13 with just 56.4% penetration, according to Google's Our Mobile Planet report from Q1 of 2013.

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon all blocked Google Wallet from working on devices on their networks.

The carriers at the time had a grand vision of controlling the mobile payments space for themselves and taking a huge cut of every transaction.

Such exhausting constant contact can lead to low morale, poor productivity and malaise in your workforce.

Many smartphones come with a wide number of tools that can greatly increase your productivity.

Following the UAE are South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

The United States doesn't even fall into the top 10, finishing at No.

As per research firm IDC, Samsung led the Indian smartphone market in the third quarter with 24% share, followed by Micromax (20%) and Lava (8%).

IDC has said the current growth will result in shipment of over 80 million units in 2014.

Beyond simple voice calling, most smartphones support instant messaging across several popular programs, as well as email.

Supported social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter can also be used to organize employees for company events and foster communication between departments.

Maps, calendars, comprehensive contact lists with detailed information -- all are readily available at your fingertips and often are capable of being synced with your computers and any information on them.

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