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A female jihadist dubbed "Bird of Jannah" recently posted a blog to entice young women worldwide to join the Islamic State (ISIS). Accompanying the texts are Islamist memes such as "She found Allah and lived happily ever after." Analysts say the site is the ISIS' own version of The flowery prose reportedly refers to her first meeting with her future husband.

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This and other exclusive revelations and insights are available to DEBKA Weekly subscribers. More Narendra Modi’s three-day visit Israel on 4 July is imbued with symbolism, breathtaking benefits to the two countries and an era of promise for both.

Modi stands out for Israel - not just as the first Indian prime minister to make this visit, but also as a prominent world leader willing to skip the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, thereby removing the automatic bracket attached to most foreign visits.

The 52-year-old, who was known by a number of aliases and is understood to have gone by the names Adrian Elms and Adrian Russell, was born in Dartford, Kent.

PC Keith Palmer, 48, college worker Aysha Frade and US tourist Kurt Cochran, 54, were killed on Wednesday, while 75-year-old Leslie Rhodes, from Streatham in south London, died on Thursday evening (March 23).

They use the catch-phrase "Jihotties" to attract the ladies.

"The Jihotties refers to men who are displaying their masculinity, showing what heroes they are, and how amazing they are, as good Muslim men who appear and are willing to fight," said Katherine Brown, a lecturer in Islamic studies at the University of Birmingham.

The king’s son is ready to step into his allotted place in a new US-Arab-Israeli alliance established by President Trump in May, along with the UAE, Egyptian and Israeli leaders.

THE States police have said that they are monitoring the situation relating to the terror attack in London on Saturday.

"Where it's about romance, about a perfect life, it's about making everything bad in their past go away, because now they're going to have a perfect future," said Prof.

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