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Focus group respondents frequently referenced music lyrics and music video images when describing the above mentioned relationship types and norms. In order to effectively meet the safety needs of teens, work to prevent intimate partner violence must be structured in their voices, defined in their terms, and led by them.

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Gang violence is real, and a natural concern for most parents.

This article contains the history of gang violence and some gang violence statistics, based on a National Youth Gang Survey conducted by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

The second greatest challenge is helping teens understand what TDV looks like.

Many teens do not realize that sexual and emotional abuse are also forms of teen dating violence.

Instead they engage in committed and uncommitted relationships, sometimes simultaneously, that are best characterized by the expectation and type of sexual activity and the presence or absence of emotional connections. A commonly understood hierarchy of relationships exists among these teens, and almost all relationship types are defined in terms of the females’ role in the relationship. Each relationship type contains its own unique risks.

Focus group respondents reported, for example, that the secretive relationships were more at risk for physical violence than publicly acknowledged relationships. The media sends critical messages to teens about intimate partner relationships.

She's even invited to go to Florida with his family over spring break.

Healthy or Unhealthy It's important to be with someone for the right reasons.

Goal: Students will discuss the different types of abuse that may exist in dating violence, as well as the signs that someone may be in an unhealthy relationship Type: Choose the correct response Time: 15 minutes Step #1: Michael walked to the corner store with his sister and her friend after dinner one night to get ice cream.

When he returned home a half hour later, he saw that he had several missed calls and a few text messages, including one that said, "Are you cheating on me? Healthy or Unhealthy Last night, Katherine and her boyfriend Adam got into a fight.

History of gang violence Gangs have been in existence every since the rise of humanity.

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