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Heck, a business is not a business without customers. I think it’s time that we explain the situation in a calm, polite business-like fashion.

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Technorati not updating my blog highest rated online dating site

This isn’t the difficult part, getting your website listed in Technorati is simply a matter of pinging their update server whenever you update your blog.

You can have Word Press do this automatically for you every time you publish a blog entry by adding to your Update Services list (found under the Options » Writing tab).

🙂 Weirder still, the Roamsters blog no longer seems to be indexed – while this one shows up sporadically.

I noticed on that a lot of folks are complaining of similar problems on the Technorati forum, but was wondering if any NPT folks had noticed the same strange happenings…

Technorati is the popular blog search engine which indexes weblogs, though still some people prefer using Google for blog search.

If your website’s thumbnail image in technorati shows old design’s thumbnail image ,then we can update the thumbnail image in Technorati very easily.

This in turn means that Technorati’s “Top 100” list is also not accurate.

Therefore I suggest that Daypop, Blogdex and Feedster are more reliable places to get current blog statistics for your (or any) blog.

Last week, all my sites were indexed and the posts were displaying correctly.

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