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I don't care what he's telling you, he can't make you famous. Maybe Glee's mean girl just needs a little good in her. They are seen plenty of places together, and they just look right.

She seems like a fun girl though, I think she could find a better mate. Big Sean and Naya Rivera -This couple has been making lots of moves together, and personally I love them together. Keri and Serge both seem very happy, and since she's pretty tall this is a good pair for her.

Though some of these couples haven't exactly confirmed their relationships, they've been spotted multiple times together.

Make sure you guys let me know what you think of these romances. Ray J and Teairra Mari -Even though Ray J has been bragging about bagging Kimmy first, the BGC All Star host has been seen with this cutie a lot. Michelle -I don't know if you can consider something a relationship if only one person is claiming the other but, who am I?

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