Teach your daughters to be intimidating in a pretty dress bell satellite guide not updating

I stared at these images with my jaw dropped, feeling as if I’d stumbled across a collection of photos taken without my knowledge. Remember the questions you had, and the various methods you and your friends came up with for answering them.

Take a moment, right now if you can, to recall what it was like to be a teenager discovering your own sexuality.

(See this Georgia freshman sent home for blue hair, and this Alabama girl for red.) (This generation won’t flub the PSAT if a classmate shows up with magenta tresses.) Decisions about clothing and hair color should be left to parents and students.

Your daughter won’t experience her sexuality in one fell swoop. One study at the University of Notre Dame found that “direct maternal encouragement of daughters to lose weight is linked to daughters’ development of bulimic symptoms.” To which you might say, “Obviously.” But the study’s abstract also states that “daughters whose mothers merely talk about dieting and body dissatisfaction are more likely to be diagnosed with an eating disorder.”I would never presume to tell you that you need to be 100% happy with your body (I mean, that would be ideal, but I understand self-acceptance is an ever-evolving process).

The point is, it’s on us to deal with our shit in private.

She used the “Head Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” method.

We all know the song, but it works very well for modesty as well. If any skin shows around your middle, your clothing is not appropriate. If you can feel bare skin, the clothing is not modest. You should not expose anything at the neckline of your shirt. You should not be exposing any skin on your backside.

Other things we’ve done include deciding that if a skirt does not meet the suggested length, we just won’t buy it. Before shopping, I often say a prayer that we will find the item we’re looking for at a price that will fit our budget, and it works!

The Lord is mindful of even our smallest desires to be obedient to His commandments.Lindsey Schultz didn't know quite what to do when her 6-year-old daughter became self-conscious about her unibrow."One day Lily just gazed in the mirror and announced, 'I look like the Grinch,'" says Schultz, 31, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her family."She has her father's olive skin and dark hair, so I knew one day Lily would want to remove it.My sister served as a Young Women president in Alaska for several years.I have loved and followed her advice for modesty for girls and women.As a mother of five daughters, I am constantly looking for ways to help them dress modestly while still looking fashionable.

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