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Taylour Paige plays Asha, a newbie Los Angeles Devils girl, whose mom (and former Devils girl) Sloane, played by Kimberly Elise, disapproves of her joining the team.“But she does it anyway,” Paige tells of the lead character.

As a Laker Girl, she was featured in a special by Fox Sports on the making of the 2011 Laker Girls Calendar.

The new VH1 series centers around the fictional Los Angeles Devils basketball team and their superstar dance squad.

And I think the idea of someone deciding what they want, whether it’s professionally or personally, and going through all kinds of things to get it is really interesting.

Taylour Paige is an American actress, who made her career debut as a professional dancer and has now been doing TV shows.

I think there were some things they were juggling around and in the end, a lot of things ended up getting moved around.

We recognize that the show has been off the air for a long time and that our fans have waited awhile, but we promise the third season will deliver and it will definitely be worth the wait. Mc Kinley Freeman: What I enjoy most about Derek is that he’s not afraid to go after what he wants, even if it makes other people uncomfortable.

Please share the experience you went through when working on the book and deciding to self-publish instead of working with a publisher.

Paige grew up in the Inglewood neighborhood of Los Angeles. In 2001, she became a student of celebrity choreographer Debbie Allen.

I follow her and when she turns around, she has no idea I'm right there, and she turned bright RED haha. I did play other sports, I played football for a while, baseball... When you see the examples that my parents, uncles, cousins set for my generation of our family and more, it's a compliment to them that I, and we, have become who we are. I volunteered at church and when I lived in Atlanta, my buddy, Malcolm Bachelor and I, used to wake up at 6am on Sundays to drive the church vans to pick people up for church that didn't have a way to get there. you know that saying, "If you're on time, you're late." That's him haha. The bigger question is which do you prefer, because I take requests haha. I've had some dreams that take way too many characters to provide context (ha), but I used to have this recurring dream when I was a kid about "Dracula." The first time I was freaked out, but over time it got real boring. What began as a fun thing turned into something bigger. Since I was headed towards the business route (BS, Finance/MBA, Marketing - MIS), the last time I was in an acting class, it was my school's fourth grade production of the Wizard Oz (I was the Scarecrow).

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