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To String() Dim conn As New Sql Connection("Data Source=BRIAN-PC\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=master_db; Integrated Security=True;") Dim cmd As New Sql Command("DELETE content WHERE [email protected] ID", conn) cmd. If not, you get the nasty message about the delete command not being specified.

However, when you do that there is an expectation that the sql Data Source will have a a delete command.

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Stack Trace: [Not Supported Exception: Inserting is not supported by data source 'Sql Data Source1' unless Insert Command is specified.] System.

Insert(IDictionary values, Data Source View Operation Callback callback) 89 System.

When you use it, Windows Power Shell actually creates a new array with the values of the original array and the added value.

For example, to add an element with a value of 200 to the array in the $a variable, type: and array 99% of the time because I usually create short throw-away scripts where the extra seconds doesn't matter.

Thanks in advance:) EDIT: This is my command event of gridview: @Tim: I am alredy handling the Grid View_Updating event.

But I do not specify Update Command inside it I get the error. I have to compulsorily assign Update Command to Sql Data Source else I get this error.

If you choose "Show Delete Button" under the command field properties of the Select field "Delete" will show on the left of each row on the gridview.

Close() End If End Sub Just a quick answer on how I did this.

Equals("Delete") Then Dim row Index As Integer = Convert. That allowed me to use the Row Command event to catch the delete action.

Since I wanted the Business Object to handle the delete rather than the sql data source, I instead used the select, just like you would to select a row, then I changed the "Select Text" under command field properties to say "Delete".

To the point that certain features become impossible to implement or require to resort to increasingly complex structures or increasingly ugly hacks to work around the way the lifetime that addresses all the challenges presented above and that should work for most applications regardless of their complexity.

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