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When Senator Kamala Harris was abrasively scolded and interrupted by her colleagues— twice — during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ high-profile US Senator Intelligence Committee hearings, women around the world not only related, but resoundingly identified with her plight.“Manterruptions,” a newly coined term, is not to be confused with the critically poignant term “mansplaining” — though both are of the same origin: overbearing men.In case you don't know, girls do like jerks because most jerks are also very attractive guys.

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Here are our top four ways to overcome the curse of the manterruption.

Tip Number One: Power in numbers Besides the fact that women are still making significantly less than men with the same experience in the same role, the gender dynamics of the workplace is also adding to the rampant manterruption society.

Hence, these women gain an expertise on how to handle men.

With time they become professionals and can easily evaluate if a man is worth or not.

I’ve had many dates over the years and have managed to have a few sporadic one night stands and hook ups.

In the last year or two since I turned 24 I noticed I’ve been getting better luck with that, but still not enough luck. I’m now 26 and I’d honestly like to find something that lasts.

After you get her number or whatever, what are you going to do? I must say, I followed the advice in this book very religiously and it works like a charm. Most of the time, the girl is just being courteous or don't have the heart to tell you the truth. And I still have no clue on what to do during the date because I have yet to find a good book on that topic! One of the points the book makes is that the idea of girls liking jerks is partially true.

The book doesn't cost that much, but if you want to save a few bucks, here is the secret to picking up chicks. The fact is, most of the nice guys are weak and not confident enough, that is why they lose out.

Of course, this is not just exclusive to the tech world.

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