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Third Symptom — Upon being asked if he was familiar with the Volstead Act and the eighteenth amendment, he beamed happily instead of frothing at the mouth, raving, tearing his hair as any sane man should.

So I stripped him and he and I cuddled up on the couch.

One set timer later and he went to work with my body, all lips and tongue and touching… In its earlier numbers it was not so risque as later, but there are still gems of interest to Eros Blog readers, at least those of you with a tolerance for archaic humor.

All of this comes together to form a relationship that is both functional and exciting, the perfect recipe for a partnership that lasts.

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Patriotism and family are two traits highly prized by those who serve in the military.

Dating someone who shares those values helps to build a strong relationship that lasts.

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