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If you are short on space, just cut the folder from its original location and paste it elsewhere in the same drive.

You can restore it later without affecting storage space.

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Here are a few things you can try to resolve the Steam needs to be online to update error.

When trying any of these solutions, in order to avoid having to download your steam library all over again, make sure you make a backup of the Steamapps folder – located in Steam installation folder (default location C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps).

Launch each game you want to play offline at least once.

Often, when you start a game, it will need to perform a first-time setup process – this process must be performed while you’re online.

If you know you’re going to need offline mode – say you’re preparing for a long plane ride or you’re moving to a new place where you won’t have an Internet connection for a while – you should walk through several steps to ensure Steam is properly prepared to run offline first.

There are quite a few “gotchas” with Steam’s offline mode – it won’t work if Steam knows there’s an update available but hasn’t updated yet, it won’t work for games you haven’t launched while online, it won’t work if your account credentials aren’t saved, and it may not even work unless you enable it while online. First, log into Steam and ensure the check box is unchecked.

When you’re ready to go offline, click the Steam menu and select Go Offline.

Archived from groups: (More info? )Hi, I have been trying to play DOD and steam keeps trying to update but nevergets past 0%.

The idea of digital content soon became so popular that Steam became the go-to store for gamers around the world.

Today, the Steam model is being used by major companies like EA’s Origin Store and Windows Store, but none have enjoyed the popularity of Steam. Sometimes, Steam tends to generate the Steam needs to be online to update error, even though you are connected to the internet.

I deleted all Far Cry 3 files and folders and entries from my registry and when I opened Uplay the download button re-appeared and I was able to re-download and re-install the game.

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