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Apparently our ravenous male sex drives mean we walk around with perpetual hard-ons.And because we're all roided-up, emotionally desolate frat boys, we couldn't possibly be coerced, threatened or manipulated into sex. According to the South Eastern Centre against Sexual Assault: "Any man can be sexually assaulted regardless of size, strength, appearance or sexual orientation." Just as the notion that women who wear revealing clothing are "asking for it" is founded upon the misogynistic trifecta of victim-blaming, slut-shaming and rape culture, the idea that heterosexual men are somehow immunised against sexual assault and its physical, psychological and emotional recoils belongs to the same masculine gender socialisation that says presenting as anything less than a testosterone-guzzling stereotype makes you unmanly.

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The role of the internet in facilitating addictions, however, cannot be minimized.

A new screening tool that effectively directed researchers and clinicians to the specific processes facilitated by the internet would therefore be useful.

Curriculum on FSB (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture) is organized in a way that undergraduate (B. On second year of studies, students can choose one of the different nine departments, one of which is IEM department.

In the third and fourth semester of study you start with basic IEM courses: production technology, electrical engineering, thermodynamics, materials and production management.

Besides being a commercial hub Zagreb is a tourist centre, and a popular international conference venue, with a history dating back nearly a thousand years.

It is rich in historical monuments, museums and galleries, has modern shops, restaurants, sport and recreation facilities and a good transport infrastructure.

University has over 50,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Exchange process is performed according to signed agreement between University of Zagreb and foreign universities.

The core of the city consists of the preserved medieval city, known as Gradec and Kaptol, while the residential area covers the southern slopes of the Medvednica Mountains.

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