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This used to work before, but maybe the server has been changed.However, if the certificate is not trusted subversion will ask you whether you trust the certificate and if you want to add this certifacte.Or are the two (SSL and ssh/sftp) completely disjoint?

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Remember that on Windows, each user can have completely independent security settings, etc., so the only way to validate this fully is to attempt to perform any testing as the remote user that is performing the update, not as yourself.

The Comodo Trusted Root Certificate (Root CA) is apparently not installed in the default that Open SSL uses.

The same downside – the need for explicit configuration – also applies to Open SSH's support for verifying fingerprints over DNSSEC.

Finally, there do exist a few patches for using X.509 within SSH – one used by US Do D, one used by Globus Toolkit (GSI-SSH), possibly others – but they all have the exact same problems as above: it only becomes more automatic when deployed in large organizations.

Although the fifth question is not part of the SSL protocol, directory servers can be configured to support this requirement to take advantage of the user entry in an LDAP directory as part of the authentication process.

I have faced the annoying problem that for unknown reasons I got a security exception when accessing the subversion repository for one of my Google Code projects.

I am using Docker Toolbox 1.8.2c with a local build of docker-machine using PR #1951.

That PR fixes the ssh problems but now the generation/validation of certificates is broken.

The reason you don't see that problem when logged in as an ordinary Windows user is that Windows ships with a large number of Root CA's already imported.

You are using Cygwin's SSL, but I don't know where the file might live.

If you frequently connect from untrusted computers, pick one of your servers to act as a "gateway", write down its fingerprint, and carry it in your wallet/phone/whatever; then make all connections only through that server.

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