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Some have already found unprecedented success, while many others are stars on the rise who are just getting started.Here are the 40 most popular female sports reporters today. And if I missed Current Employer: Fox Sports Past Experience: ESPN Tallahassee Twitter ID: @Kristen Ledlow Twitter Followers: Approaching 3,000 Did You Know: Kristen Ledlow is a former collegiate athlete and graduate of Southeastern University.(One thing to keep an eye on is maybe First Take moves from Bristol to New York in a year or two?

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But since she's mostly been working in regional markets, she is probably most recognizable from her days as one of the University of Oregon's most beautiful cheerleaders.

As the hourglass in Skip Bayless’s tenure at First Take dwindles to its final specs of sand, The Big Lead has learned that ESPN has whittled its succession plan down to three names: Max Kellerman, Jorge Sedano, and Will Cain. Kellerman appears to be management’s first choice and the job is therefore his to turn down.

It’s the kind of work she enjoys doing and the reason why she could not be more thrilled to be back at ESPN and away from NBC.

“It was the lowest for me,” Beadle told The Post of her two years at NBC.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Sports Nation, a show Thompson co-hosted.

A potential candidate (it’s early, so this is just speculation): Sara Walsh, who is now hosting Sportscenter on the weekends, or ESPN could just host-by-committee.

While Kellerman's admission of having hit a woman was upsetting, the reason for his suspension is for discussing Ray Rice's domestic abuse, which is extremely controversial after Stephen A.

Most sports fans aren't tuning in to watch their favorite sport to see the seductive sideline reporter.

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In her first week back at ESPN, Michelle Beadle interviewed muppets, got attacked by a bear and tucked her dress into K-Mart khakis in a Jim Harbaugh skit.

She currently works as a field reporter covering SEC and ACC football and basketball.

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