Spice or nice dating review

I sent one free message back and received an automated reply that message couldn't go through because it contained membership details, what I said I couldn't read the email he had sent.

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9 years ago (2007) my husband and I met on the Spice of life and after a world win romance period of 9 months we decided to live together. What are they hoping I'll depart with some of my money for this lot of rubbish.

Since then we have sold 2 family homes and built a dream home together and travelled the world extensively Having 5 children between us and 11 grandchildren we decided to get married Dec 2015 at Fort Denison on Sydney Harbour with just our children, parents , siblings and a close friend . I found spice of life to be an effective no frills approach to online dating.

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I sent them a reply and no reply so I won't be bothering with website sounds like a scam to me.

What a load of bulldust what do I have keep it a secret that I couldn't read his email.Excellent restaurant & takeaway staff are exceptional-warm friendly welcome every time every time we have visited we have never been disappointed- my favourite being the chefs special biryani -best Indian restaurant in Mildenhall & surrounding area - book a table or a takeaway you will not be disappointed You are always greeted with a smile when you walk into the spice lounge and the place is extremely clean and you can taste the fresh ingredients they use.The curries are absolutely the best ive ever tasted.After talking to them and their experiences, I checked it out and joined as well.At first I was put on favorite lists by attractive young women from Phillipines or China as well but the solution to it was simple, just checked the country settings and no more of that happened.We were shortlisted based on the nominations made by our customers, the winners will only be announced on the night of the awards.

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