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We reserved the very elegant and trendy Mo's Irish Pub for our party from pm-pm.After the speed-dating portion there will be an after party.FREE APPETIZERS for the 1st hour of the event (Until pm) DRINKS SPECIALS DURING THE EVENT: House Wine, 1/2 price taps (light, amber, turbodog and haze), 1/2 price rails (rum, gin, vodka, brandy, whiskey) soda mixers, 1/2 price domestic cans/bottles, plus `Love Potion` Cocktail Drink Specials !!

Do you long to have meaningful, hour-long conversations with your partner about why "Firefly" should never have been cancelled or a lively debate about the canonical anachronisms of the 2009 "Star Trek" movie? But to be fair, it wouldn't be a party without them.) "This will be the best conversation you'll ever have," Birmin promises.

If the answer is yes, Bathsheba Birmin and the good folks at Chicago-based Nerds at Heart have got your back. Rather, says Birmin, it's a gathering of friendly, smart working professionals who are looking to meet like-minded individuals. "One of the reasons our events are so relaxed is that we work really hard to make it a fun environment.

"If you're in a club and you're either interested in your want to buy someone a drink, really it's about a 30-second once-over as you're deciding either way. We let people self-define and we have no sense of exclusivity. And it's not even so much what you're interested you're interested in." Nerds at Heart has had plenty of success stories.

That didn't seem to me to be the stuff of long-term relationships." Thus was born Nerds at Heart, the low-pressure, no-awkwardness approach to finding real, meaningful, and delightfully nerdy companionship. Birmin says she has personally attended several weddings of her clients in Chicago and "this year our first nerd baby was born," she says.

It's a great way to meet singles in a fun, comfortable environment.

If you would like us to attend any of your events, we would be happy to share our story. Who knows..might be getting a wedding invitation later this year... It's the interactive and FUN way to socialize, make new friends, meet your match...just to have a great time! Grab a cocktail and get ready to Unlock Your Possibilities.

With this simple exercise, you can regulate your mind and body to optimize health and performance. The number of devices connected to the Internet will explode in the next few years – to 50 billion.

What can be gained by managing all that information?

Start this program with a talk by UWM’s Matt Jarosz who will look at how Wright transformed abstract ideas into built objects.

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