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George Roy Hill, US, 1977), and after some acting roles, progressed to the 1st AD position.

Working through the 1980s and early 90s on films with directors like Danny De Vito, Norman Jewison, Robert Altman, David Mamet and James L Brooks gave Ned the grounding that in turn led to a 5-year stint as Head of Production at Caravan Pictures in Los Angeles.

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James' mysterious woman disappears while he remains unconscious in hospital and the police become suspicious about his involvement.

While James attempts to piece back his memories of that night, he gains a friend, Susan, along the way.

After the break up with the love of his life two years previously, James Van Der Bexton - approaching his 30th birthday - has taken up Speed Dating without much success.

Despondent, he turns his attention towards a mysterious young woman who frequents his local bar.

In trying to discover more about this woman, James plays at being a private detective with disastrous but hilarious results!

Tony Herbert's comedic thriller Speed Dating concerns a men who has inherited millions who decides he can end his lonesomeness through speed dating, a process where you meet a bunch of members of the opposite sex but only for a couple…

Speed Dating is the story of James Van Der Bexton as he approaches his 30th birthday.

After the break -- up of the relationship with the love of his life two years previously, he has taken up Speed Dating without much success.

Directed by Tony Herbert, 'Speed Dating' tells the story of James Van Der Bexton, played by Hugh O'Conor ('Chocolat', 'The Young Poisoner's Handbook'), who starts speed dating after breaking up with the love of his life.

It also stars Don Wycherley, Flora Montgomery, Charlotte Bradley, Liam Carney and Dawn Bradfield.

~ Perry Seibert, Rovi Visually, Speed-Dating seldom strays far from brightly colored, head-on sketch comedy; many of its goofier conceits, such as Elliott's recurring appearance as a blue-bodied liquor-license inspector, fail to read as anything but willfully weird.

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