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Click here to see the video Click here to view the gallery Each game runs for 20 minutes. All players get one (1) drink ticket and one (1) food ticket for a choice of either a Hamburger, grilled chicken, veggie burger with fries and salad.

One official was also taken to Orange Base Hospital along with Mostert in a stable condition after suffering a chest injury while two others suffered minor issues, but all three were later cleared of serious injury.

"We can always learn something from what has happened and how to prevent other things happening in the future," V8 Supercars technical director David Stuart said.

“Dad first came here (Bathurst) in 1958 in his 2.5 litre Riley convertible and it had a hole in the roof and had bald tyres.

They (parents) didn’t have two bob to rub together,” Stuart Tuckey recalled.

Joe Lovano was performing last time, with two incredible drummers, who spoke to each other through their drums.

They were endlessly listening to each other, which is exactly what actors should be doing on stage.The cast, which includes Edward Fox and Patricia Routledge, are thrown together for four weeks, a process Bathurst describes as like speed dating: “You meet, you get on, you say goodbye. They rehearse three times a week for six months, fall in love with each other and say their wives and husbands do not understand them.“In this kind of thing, you have to form a bond with strangers; you get to know people very quickly and you move on more readily and do other jobs.Mostert was due to undergo surgery on his leg on Friday, but his Prodrive Racing team confirmed that his operation had been delayed until Saturday due to a “more urgent case” at Orange Base Hospital.People often say that in real life, famous actors are far smaller than you expect. Immediately after our interview, he will head straight downstairs to rehearse a production of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband, so perhaps this faint air of distraction can be explained by an observation he makes about ? “However much you are hanging around, however much you are apparently doing nothing, there is a bit of you that is always engaged with it [the performance],” he says. ll our interview space, a room above the Jerwood Theatre’s rehearsal studios, then he folds into a chair and starts politely answering my questions while somehow seeming to be ever so slightly in a world of his own.

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