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Being on the tour all this year and being away from her was so hard. But in order to do right by somebody sometimes it’s better not to do what your heart wants, but to do what’s better for them. Liam announced the birth of his and Cheryl’s baby last month with a heartfelt Instagram post that showed him cradling the youngster. My close friends and family know there are very few times when I'm left speechless… I'm incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it's a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far.

‘Right now I’m looking forward to some alone time to figure out who I am and what I want to be.’ Sophia’s warmth is a contrast to her previous stance on Liam’s relationship with Cheryl, after she told Now magazine that she found the pairing ‘weird’. I knew about them a little bit ago, but who thought it would actually come out. I'm completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she's really made my dreams come true.

On his second appearance all the judges LOVED him, and Cheryl commented: "You've definitely got it, whatever it is you've got it.

Although there was speculation that Cheryl’s hair stylist Daya Ruci shared a Snapchat of their tot hanging out at the salon last week, Liam and Cheryl haven’t revealed any snaps of their son following his arrival last month.

Once again, the beautiful illusion of true love is shattered by dark forces that hate when we dote on an adorable celebrity couple.

READ: Cheryl’s 'baby bump' timeline: From the first red carpet appearance to now From X Factor auditions, divorces and breakups to Cheryl and Liam teasing the WHOLE world with with their cute photos on Instagram, here's a timeline of their love story from the VERY beginning...

The pair originally met back in 2008 when Liam first auditioned for the X Factor.

In a non-cliché way, it's weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream.

You wake up in the most beautiful places," Liam told the magazine.

"Sophia needs to go off and do what she wants to do," Liam said at the time.

"I don't want her to be one of those stay-at-home girlfriends who doesn't really do much." It's really not been a good year for people who fangirl/fanboy over One Direction couples.

We have to admit although we were surprised when Liam Payne and Cheryl confirmed they were dating, but of course now we think they're adorable!

And as pregnancy rumours continue to swirl we thought we'd have a look back at Liam and Chezza's love story - there's a lot to see already and they haven't been together that long.

During one week at the live performances Simon was ill and the boy band were being mentored by Cheryl instead.

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