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‘This puts men in a dilemma, as they have to send two seemingly contradictory messages simultaneously: “I’m a masculine man”, and “I’d be a good partner and a great father”.The solution may be to vary the pitch.’‘However, we know that women are particularly sensitive to the attractiveness of other female competitors, and that they seek to increase how attractive they are perceived by potential partners, in comparison to other women.[Read: 10 survival tips for every long distance relationship] But let’s be clear with one thing: don’t ever have Skype sex with someone you do not trust.

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The real heart of her project is a song like "Exceptions," which explores—with surprising sophistication for someone only eighteen years of age—the narrative of a failing relationship.

"Darling" is its conceptual opposite, a song of devotion (or a hopeful fantasy of it).

Participants were instructed to either explain whether and why they would like to date the person in the video (for opposite-sex targets) or why they should be chosen over the person in the video for a date (for same-sex targets).

Cupcak Ke burst on the scene with "Vagina" in late 2015, a song which could easily be taken for a novelty record.

Okay, let’s be real – you won’t really have full control over your internet connection, but you can ensure that all wires are in place and that the settings on your phone/tablet/laptop are set up properly.

No one wants to deal with technical difficulties while doing the deed via Skype. [Read: 6 things to know before stripping for your webcam] #2 Select a sexytime playlist.

Ideally, you can go for old school sexy Rn B classics such as , and any songs by Silk, or if you’re more into modern artists – there are always Chris Brown and Mario to put you and your man in the mood.

She's wearing a little black dress and drinking merlot from a shatterproof wineglass one of her viewers sent her after she'd broken a real one on camera.

I actually grew up listening to music as like—church music and stuff like that. I was like, OK, I've got these songs sitting here, why not make it a mixtape.

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