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However, it’s still 2 minutes short of a 64 MB, 22 minute reunion video I need to upload! This announcement comes shortly after a long-awaited feature that allows pro users to sell videos as well as photos a few days ago.

This tutorial is the second of a 2 part series and builds on How-to add a Smug Mug website link to your navigation menu in Part 1.

In the catalog there is folder called Shoot Archive. Since Lightroom does not sync between computers in an effect way for this type of work, if you are shooting using a laptop then using a workstation in an office, there can be some extra steps to keeping a clean workflow.

In this case, you can either just mark images you want to upload later or, still upload images to the Shoot Archive then re-sync that folder when you have moved the images to the Workstation drives.

I recommend the standalone app or the lightroom plug-in myself. This is unique to Smugmug, Smart Galleries take some of the hassle out of uploading and organizing your photos, it will automatically do it for you if you set up some simple rules in advance.

Smart Galleries can organize photos based on many rules, such as date range and keywords.

Whereas, Smug Vault supports all the other file types, such as RAW, TIFF, PDF, PSD etc.

Smug Vault is an added service to the Smug Mug account that you get by paying a little extra charge. After adding Smug Vault to your Smug Mug account, follow the usual upload procedure and upload all of your RAW files as well as Jpeg files. The JPG has to be uploaded first and then RAW's with the same filename so that they are bundled automatically. This means you might see a jpeg in your gallery with a RAW image and a PSD file bundled with it.

Visual browsing through your RAW files is much easier this way.

So, it is better to upload JPEG / JPG files along with your RAW files.

We'd love it if you could help them make the right decision, by placing a review on Ced Smugmug path=cedsmugmug for Joomla!

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