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Riggs suffered 42 knife wounds, 20 stab wounds and 22 cuts, according to the Capital Gazette.

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When she was told that Riggs was dead as well, she was surprised and then attempted to claim the crime was a murder-suicide, the Capital Gazette reported.

However, investigators found that the gun near Anthony's body did not match the one used to kill him.

Starting something new can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you're a single over 60 who wants to get back into the dating world.

Just like any other kind of dating, you need to think of an activity that will make the experience a more memorable one.

Here at, there are tons of people dating over 60 who are hoping that they will get to meet their special someone.

So now you've met a potential date at Single And Mature, but the question is where will you take them so as to make the occasion a night (or day) to remember?

Many seniors are physically healthy and active, including sexually.

"People don't lose their passion," one senior says.

This is why lots of over 60s dating often involves group meet ups, where people share some fun, companionship, and common interests with the participants.

Think of social activities like joining reading clubs, playing duplicate bridge or the ever popular bingo: such pastimes will make your date a little more exciting and you'll also be able to socialise and make friends with new people as well.

His legs, gummy and striated, bring to mind a pair of Twizzlers. With his narrow neck and solid pelt of hair, he looks a bit like Pierre, his toy poodle. A few years ago, he became famous for his imitations—Rafael Nadal picking at his wedgie, Roger Federer prancing swaybacked along the baseline. He absolutely believes one hundred per cent in that kind of philosophy of life. Two weeks earlier, Djokovic had lost, painfully, to Rafael Nadal in the semifinals of the French Open.

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