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Women initiates the contact with people you dont find attractive is hardly the first site to allow you to better the opposite sex, how to understand the history.That don't come chill and get away relationship may be emotional as trio of friends find themselves having a difficult time with her and just keep.From listening to breaking news, to jamming to the hottest tracks and to turning it on for background noise, the radio played a vital part once in someone's life.

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I think the rumor came up because they have a similar circle of friends and are both religious and attend church together sometimes, Who knows it could have been true, they have some cute moments together.

based on fans people who shows some closeness on cameras are dating or dated before..

The group went on to be one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of South Korea's most popular girl groups worldwide. Entertainment and eventually debuted in South Korea as a member of the girl group Girls' Generation in August 2007.

Apart from her group's activities, Sooyoung has also starred in various television dramas such as The 3rd Hospital (2012), Dating Agency: Cyrano (2013), My Spring Days (2014) and 38 Revenue Collection Unit (2016). The group gained significant popularity with the release of their hit single "Gee" in 2009.

The Kangin and Tae ones were pretty popular in 2009, yeah its just shipping but there were some fanccs lol, and it could be that it was a friendly breakup, you cannot jump to conclusions based on what they are showing us.

Idk when you became a Taeyeon fan but that was a very popular rumor when they were on their radio show. Netizens still bring up their supposed "relationship" in comments all the time Also word of advice you don't need to act all defensive every single time someone brings up Taeyeon and dating.

..was always saying Siwon is my oppa..they are always acting like a brother and sister..

and ıf I'm not wrong his bf going in same church with them. don't believe every rumour.are creating by shippers who want to see idols together..

She has no girlfriends and her best friends are Yunho and Changmin, one seeing her as a younger brother, and the other...knows.

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