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However this last year of being single and dating has certainly been interesting. He said he was single, never married and didn’t have any kids. Perhaps her texting him while he was on a date with me made him feel guilty. Just not guilty enough since he still asked me to have an affair with him!Nothing happened to indicate to me anything different. We finally met after talking online for a couple of weeks. After a while I told him he better check it, that clearly someone was trying hard to reach him.

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She will then make random superfluous comments on everything on your page.

I'm 100% sure she has your Facebook page up at all times, clicking refresh every few minutes, masturbating to your photos.

She starts to imitate you and the things you say Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, but when your SWF begins to look like an uglier version of your mirror image, it starts to get annoying.

It will start off innocently enough, with her asking you where did you get your cute dress but before you know it, she has become a full blown version of you – down to your nail color.

During our conversation about ex’s he mentioned buying an engagement ring and how she was angry because it wasn’t the exact one she wanted, but she accepted it anyway.

He said he should have known based on her reaction that the marriage wouldn’t work.

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I’m always shocked at what guys say and do during dates. I was chatting with a guy on Plentyof Fish for a while. We texted and Skyped so much I thought it was true. At least this guy told me before anything happened between us…unlike another guy I met…but that’s another story!

Now, when you click on her page, you realize that you have more than 60. When you click through these friends, you start to realize that the crazy bitch hasn't even met most of these people – she just friended them because they're your friends! She maneuvers herself so that she is always sitting beside you. Even though your SWF is friends with everyone else at the table, she will only converse with you.

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