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You could be on a bike tour riding through the country, in a trendy cocktail bar, sharing a wok with someone special at an Asian cuisine cooking class, participating in a relationship workshop, swapping business cards at speed networking, or just mingling and dancing at a city dance studio – the difference is you’ll be doing this in the company of others who want to meet and connect with people just like you!

Whether you meet your soul mate at a Fast Match event, or just make new friends or business partners, you’ll be guaranteed a great time!

You and I Get Together Introduction Agency is a truly unique, affordable and tasteful method for selective singles to meet other singles seeking friendship, long-term relationships and marriage.

Choosing the Right Introduction Agency is Important A good introduction agency will have a track record of success and will be happy to meet you face-to-face to discuss how their services could help you.

"It's great to have a much younger crowd volunteering," Ms Wood said."If we had one person from the speed planting then go onto volunteer for a Landcare or SEQ Catchments group it would bring the generation down 30 years."If there's not a romance out of it, there's opportunities to make new friends and meet new people and become more involved in future activities like weeding and monitoring waterways."The events are part of the Federal Government's What's Your Nature initiative, which aims to engage communities to understand more about their local waterways and green spaces.

Landcare groups are made up entirely of volunteers.

By matching up hobbies, mind sets, partner preferences, and even occupations and business interests, Fast Match has made the huge leap forward in providing targeted events based on Profile Matching.

This unique and exciting business organies outstanding events for singles and businesses across Australia - events specially tailored for you! We’ve created a revolution in the way people meet, giving individuals the opportunity to connect whilst enjoying exciting events.

you could go dancing or to a cocktail party for singles but that was real 'hit & miss' could hope that your friends were going to introduce you to someone.. The singles scene needed an activity where you could meet lots of great singles, around the same age as you, safely, quickly, and affordabley - events and watched thousands of singles from all over Australia get together for an awesome time.

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