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Being a shy guy makes dating difficult, to say the least.

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Normally, shy guys consider their silence as an attractive element for girls, which in some cases holds true, but not always.

So, in order to attract a shy guy and engage him into interesting acts and talking, you need to follow some advices and tips which can best act as helping tools to let you cope with his shyness.

Excellent article on shyness written by Lynn Henderson and Phillip Zimbardo, foremost researchers and founders of the Standford Shyness Clinic.

The article (available free on their website) covers everything from definitions and symptoms of shyness to the origins of shyness and its prevalence in other parts of the world.provides an overview of common life challenges from anxiety, anger and aggression to dating, happiness, depression and understanding the way we think about ourselves. Tucker-Ladd then goes on to provide a review of self-help techniques designed to help you address these concerns along with guidelines for how to use them.; It's well worth a look.

Each of the books listed below offers a little something different.

Most include testimonials of people who have struggled with their own shyness.

After great e-romance, text jokes, and a few three hour soul-to-soul phone sessions, it is time to meet the possible One at the local Italian place. Take your time to do this and make sure you dress down or up so you fit in and feel comfortable at the meeting place. Have topics ready to discuss around movies/TV shows, books, and news that you both may find interesting (nothing political or heavy). Notice very carefully what they are wearing and other details about your surroundings.

If you are meeting in-person, make yourself beautiful or attractive IN YOUR OWN EYES (which are the eyes that really count). When you get there, smile and give the person your full attention.

Being committed to a shy guy is not a problem until you fail to arouse him while dating.

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