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Share on Facebook A GRAPHIC tape exposing four Africa University students leaked and went viral a few hours after it was recorded last week.

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For clients who do not want to use their cell-phones due to obvious reasons, they are prevailed upon by the sex workers to open new e-mail addresses to receive mes¬sages and to fix appointments. LADY (laughing): No but if that's the way to be free, why not? Can we go now, you'll love my body."SPEC: To be very honest with you, I'm a journalist. We'll have a good time alright, but business first. LADY: (looking suspicious now); Well, I don't know, but that will spoil our little girls.

Invariably, the clients reg¬ister their acceptance either by submitting their emails or phone numbers which-ever they find convenient or dis¬creet. LADY: So I can get in contact with you and book appointments with you. I thought you received clients in your home or a brothel? LADY: Sometimes they swoop on us and send us to court. LADY: Normally not, but some unscrupulous ones de¬mand sex for your freedom, SPEC: Which one will you accept? Lady Weiner says she has many high-profile clients she has kept over three years and they never regret it when¬ever they book her for appointments. LADY (gaping and getting furious): Don't waste my bloody time. I want to fight for sex work to be legalised so that policemen will stop harassing you.

In a typical pornographic filming style, the students, made up of six boys and six girls, were captured on the video recorded in bits and pieces, having sizzling rounds of unprotected sex in a small room.

The video, which is currently in circulation in Kumasi, showed the students engaging in the sex adventure not at a go, but in groups, due to the small nature of the room.

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It was not clear as to what device the students used in recording the free-for-all sex act, but the gadget was able to capture the images of the room as well as the bodies of the 'actors' and 'actresses'.

Having succeeded in bringing their sex mission to a satisfactory end, the students were said to have agreed to send copies of the video to their trusted colleagues via Bluetooth for them to see their sexual dexterity.

As if they had undergone some training in acting pornographic movies, they amply demonstrated their sexual prowess to the extent that they did not only apply all manner of modern sex styles but also displayed an incredible level of energy.

Depending on the style the partners chose, the students who were stark naked, spent between 15-30 minutes satisfying their sexual desires in the video which is now the topic of discussion in the Garden City.

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