Sharepoint site usage summary not updating

According to Microsoft, the three new reports will make it easier for organizations to understand how individuals are using or not using Office 365 so that issues and areas users need more training in can be identified.The Office 365 team says it plans to add more reports focusing on Office 365 Groups, Yammer groups, clients used per product, such as email or Skype, and Office 365 licenses.

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Feature Usage by Scope – checks license compliance for custom features at different farm scopes (Web application, site collection, or subsite).

To see a complete report, define the number of available custom feature licenses using License Management.

Microsoft is rolling out new usage reports for Share Point Online, One Drive for Business and Exchange Online that provide additional insights about how end users are using and adopting Office 365.

The new reports were announced in a blog posted by the Office 365 Team.

Working on a Share Point Server 2010 Upgrade, I came across an issue I couldn’t find any help for.

My Usage and Web Analytics service applications were clearly configured and running per the instructions on Tech Net and Bill Baer’s Step-by-Step.

Displays information about site collection and content database sizes, total Share Point's site collections sizes over time, used Share Point space, servers by role, site collections per Web application and content databases over time.

Number of Unique Visitors – shows the number of unique visitors, for each site collection.

I finally found the issue by using another 2010 Farm I had access to.

On the working farm it looks just like described in Introducing Web Analytics in Share Point 2010 on the ECM Team Blog.

Sometimes Site owner monitored the storage usage in Storage Usage section, Maximum Storage Allowed (MB) column was still showing 30 GB instead of 10 GB.

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