Sharepoint 2016 site usage report not updating

If this is the case, browse the site with a non-administrative or non-service account and make sure to traverse the sites content pages and libraries and lists.

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This is a troubleshooting guide that will give you an overview of all the different components for the analytics, hopefully aiding in identifying where the break down is inside of the process.

I will focus mainly on the Popular Trend’s Usage Reports.

Over the past few months I’ve had 2 customers that have run into an scenario where the Share Point 2013 web analytics usage reports have no data (all zeroes) in the reports.

While working with some brilliant Microsoft escalation engineers (thanks Anthony and Jason) we were able to run some Power Shell scripts that added receivers to start data showing again on the following day.

Whether it’s an audit report, census report, investigative report, progress report, or even the dreaded school report card – all are critical in helping us make better, more informed decisions around the subject at hand.

Unlike high school report cards, however, usage reports in Share Point aren’t so intimidating that you’ll want to throw them in the shredder, without your parents finding out about its existence. Share Point usage reports offer information to help you better understand the way individuals interact with a site.For example, this is what the report for my home page looks it (notice the “Item: Home” indicates what the report data source): Reports are generated for a daily and monthly basis and allows you to manipulate the data as you wish.Besides reports, the analytics also integrates with search results.Reports are broken down per usage events, which means that, by default, site owners will be able to see: A definite improvement over thousands of individual bits of data, these metrics still don’t tell the whole story.From the above statistics, Share Point creates two usage analytics reports that are automatically updated every 24 hours to give users an idea of the most popular content on their site: However, as if that wasn’t enough, Share Point offers a comprehensive and collective view of all user activity on a specified site, which is referred to as a Usage Summary report.Ensure that there is traffic to the site, not just from administrative users.

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