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Flirting can sometimes become an awkward thing to do if you don’t have very many good, flirtatious questions to ask.When it comes to talking to a guy you’re into you want to make sure that you are asking all the right questions and letting them know that you are into them, in a subtle way.

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are interested in what one he likes better so that you can get down to it! Why It’s Flirtatious: His first though is going to be, “Why do you want to know? Why It’s Flirtatious: Unlike the plain ‘are you single?

” And he is going to think that you are digging around to figure out if you fit his ideal description. ’ question, this one gives off way more of a playful flirt. By asking how someone like him doesn’t have a girlfriend, you’re implying that it is unbelievable girls don’t try to date him every second because he’s hot or smart or funny! Why It’s Flirtatious: You are digging to know what he likes best and could even be you slyly saying it’s time for your first kiss. Why It’s Flirtatious: Only if you are truly into this guy, will you ask this question. You wouldn’t be asking if you didn’t plan on using that knowledge someday! Why It’s Flirtatious: You wouldn’t be asking if his opinion didn’t matter. Why It’s Flirtatious: Asking a guy you like this question let’s him know you are curious because you may want to know the answer for future reference if you sleep over.

Confused, she said: 'Today is my anniversary, no tomorrow’s my anniversary, no...'Rochelle chimed in: 'No today is your anniversary.

Have you forgotten.' Rochelle Humes is quickly becoming one of our go-to sources for style inspiration; a hardly surprising turn of events considering the outfits she's been rocking every morning on Lorraine.

Clearly thrilled to be in London promoting her album, the 36-year-old seemed beside herself to be on the show, chatting to Rochelle.

So much so, she appeared to have forgotten that it was her wedding anniversary.

But keeping a few things in mind can help you show someone you are interested. Cheesy pick-up lines are cheesy, so if you use one, acknowledge it. Just think that most of the people will be thinking similar thoughts to yours. Everyone's just running around like beheaded chickens. No hair-flipping is necessary, nor is obnoxious laughing. You will know long gaps in conversations are a big sign that either a. you need to change the topic because its not something they're into.

Here are some tips from teens: You don't try to be sexy, sexy just happens. Here are a few more things to keep in mind: Of course, what might seem sexy, flirty or funny to one person, might seem silly or even sleazy to another.

Question #8.) How did you get to be so hot/cute/adorable. Question #13.) How do you feel about the girl making the first move? Why It’s Flirtatious: You may just get an eye-brow raise outta this one! You are letting him know that you are thinking about kissing him … Or, maybe because you like to think of him indecent.

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