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The chat engine might also employ lines harvested from human-human chat logs, song lyrics, movies or TV shows.In April, 2013, a detuned and presumably tamer version of the app, titled Boyfriend Plus, was permitted on Apple's App Store.

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This ad for a wearable translation gadget that shows an Englishman chatting up Japanese girls has gone viral, with social media users accusing the self-proclaimed ‘pick-up artist’ of sexual harassment.

The advert, which features ‘Dean’, a British man, using the wearable translator to try and get unsuspecting Japanese women to kiss him has been watched over five million times since social media users started reeling about the need to respect women’s personal space.

The video, named ‘Kisses in Tokyo,’ sees a white man approaching various young Japanese girls, using the device to translate some controversial pick-up lines, including ‘I know this is sudden, but can I try to kiss you?

’ The poor girls looked doubly stunned: equally by the effectiveness of the device as the ballsiness of the man holding it.

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Boyfriend Maker is a dating sim/chatbot/romancebot smartphone app for i OS (i Phone) and Android phones, developed by 36 You Games (styled as 36You) and distributed under the freemium business model.

According to a Google Translate of a page on the developer's Japanese language website, Boyfriend Maker is an "app that lets you interact and chat with quirky virtual boyfriends." 36You often refers to Boyfriend Maker as a game.

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