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"We had 399 sign up for this year's event, which is a new record," said Patrick Massey, president of the chamber of commerce.

"And, when you consider that well over half are from outside of Sevier County, there's a significant economic impact for our area whenever we hold this tournament.

"The tournament continues to bring more tourists to the area throughout these beautiful lakes," said Massey.

"The chamber could not have held this tournament for the past 28 years without the continued support of the great businesses in our community.

You're here to meet people and find a profile in Stilwell, Kansas helps you do that.

Filling out a profile will allow us to find members who are right for you in Stilwell, Kansas, and make sure you're right for them.

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Im not your mama and I'm not here to take care of you.

If you're able bodied you need to work and take care of yourself.

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