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The cloves have the texture of dried apricots and the taste of balsamic vinegar, and are so soft they can be spread with a knife.

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"I had to give it a go, so I put a load of bulbs in an old biscuit tin, put the whole thing in the bottom of my Aga and left it for a month.

"When I took it out the bulbs had turned black and the cloves had turned into sweet, jelly-like consistency with a taste of really refined balsamic vinegar.

The farmer spent 18 months perfecting his secret recipe, tweaking the temperature and humidity, and the product has been such a hit he now supplies restaurants including The Ritz and The Ivy.

It has also been given the seal of approval by a host of leading chefs including Nigella Lawson, Mark Hix and Yottam Ottelenghi.

In our “Refugees and the Displaced” issue of , the winners of our Young Writers Contest share this authenticity and power in their poetry. Ethelbert Miller says of Lisa Zou’s first-place entry, “She Serves in Ben Hai”: “This is a beautiful poem – haunting in its tenderness …

about family, aging, and the shadows of displacement created by [the Vietnam] war.” Zou writes: “…

Mr Botwright, 51, is Britain's only producer of black garlic, which costs £3.50 per bulb and has a shelf life of over a year.

He said: "I wanted to find a way of producing a garlic product we could market all year round, plus I'm constantly searching for ways of preserving garlic without adding anything to it.

yemeni sidr honey is considered one of the finest and most expensive honey in the world.

it's distinctive taste, high nutrition value, and limited quantity gives it this questions about the bible, faith, school, dating, what movies to watch, depression, or even more about life? search commonly asked questions asked by real teens or submit your own questions and receive an answer from a real person.honey, bees, facts, information, queen, health, nutrition, mask, face, swarm, color, skin, farms, made, hive, acne, natural, ginger, white, calories, black, hair, manuka, lyrics, clover, wild, pots, benefit, real, trap, blue, substitute, colony, cough, flower, honeybees, making, almond, pure, jarshoney, cinnamon, benefits, sugar, lemon, health, online, calories, clover, bees, mustard, manuka, uncooked, bear, sauce, unfiltered, recipes, dressings, comb, wild, benefit, tupelo, natural, chicken, sweetraw natural honey available from flying bee ranch in salem oregon.

the beekeepers at bee force honey have been hard at work making honey for many years.

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