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A fourth suspect, Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, 21, believed to be the getaway driver, turned herself after the shooting on Monday.

An investigation is ongoing, with police saying the 23-year-old appears to have acted in self-defense.

The 23-year-old was at home with his father when he was woken up by banging noises at around 12.30pm on Monday.

The homeowner's son armed himself with an AR-15 rifle, exchanged a few words with the suspects, and opened fire, Mahoney said.

Two of teens died in the kitchen, while a third ran to the driveway before collapsing and 'succumbing to his injuries', the sheriff's office said. 'Preliminary investigation looks like it's self-defense. This may be a case of "stand-your-ground", however, it’s still too early to say for sure, and we’re still looking into all aspects of this,' Mahoney told CNN.

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These findings might be explained by a late Pleistocene extinction event of lions in western and central Africa, and a subsequent recolonisation of these parts from Asia. leo) to the subspecies Panthera leo leo, and the lions inhabiting Southern (P. Besides the Senegal lion of Western and Central Africa, it is more closely related to the Asiatic lion than to other African lions.

According to this study, West-Central African lions are more closely related to North African and Asian lions than to Southern or Eastern African lions. with reported lengths of 3.0–3.3 m (9.8–10.8 ft) and weights of more than 200 kg (440 lb) for males.

Studies from 20 concluded that the jaguar is a sister species to the lion and the leopard is a sister taxon to the jaguar/lion clade It appeared in the fossil record in Europe for the first time 700,000 years ago with the subspecies Panthera leo fossilis at Isernia in Italy.

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