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The woman said things got weird when he ordered over 0 worth of food for himself. “He says ‘I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be right back’ and he never did,” she said.The woman acknowledges she is very embarrassed but said she came forward after seeing another women tell her similar story on Wednesday evening on the KCAL9 News at 10 p.m. This restaurant is all ala carte,” said Diane Guilmette.For some types of orders, a person seeking protection can initiate the action by filing a petition on her/his own behalf.

The LA County DA’s Office says they have two pending petty-theft cases against him.

The women he dashed out on in May said she didn’t file a police report but now says she will. Fujii reports that since our story aired Wednesday evening, she also heard from another Burbank hair salon that said Gonzales skipped out on his bill.

Criminal orders of protection are usually initiated by the prosecutor or the judge, but sometimes are issued at the request of the victim.

Louisiana law requires judges to ensure that orders designed to prevent domestic abuse or dating violence or stalking or sexual assault are issued on LPOR forms and sent to the clerk of court’s office. Several studies indicate that most women who seek such orders do so as an early intervention strategy, but rather as an act of desperation following an extensive period of abuse. According to the research, while most abusers do violate protective orders in some way, these orders generally deter repeated incidents of physical abuse.

The Lighthouse Program provides interpersonal violence prevention, advocacy, and support to the LSU campus community.

The program assists student survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship violence and stalking.Clerks of court are required by Louisiana law to transmit such orders to the registry. Almost one quarter of the women surveyed in one multi-city study had experienced abuse for five years prior to seeking a protection order. In 40% of the cases surveyed in one study, there were no reported violations in the year after the order was issued.However, in 60% of these cases, violations were reported in that same period. Even in those cases in which an order is violated, it provides other benefits.Police said the alleged dine-and-dasher also did the same thing to a Burbank hair salon in February.Police told Fujii he was arrested on July 23 in that incident but it’s not clear if he’s still behind bars.The Lighthouse Program is designed to accomplish both of these goals, as well as to meet federal mandates.

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