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When young adults gather around to listen to their grandparents speak of their first date, it’s almost a novelty, a peek into a different world — grabbing a hot dog at the local stand, catching a drive-in movie, maybe a peck on the cheek and back by 9 p.m. Since society has changed, couples from a bygone era that have similar stories far outweigh those of couples today.

Being Catholic calls young adults to rise to Christ’s standards when it comes to dating and while no one is perfect, it is the path to ultimately find God-centered love.

I hope I don't sound,(holy-er than thou), I'm not perfect,but Jesus expects us to try. To be honest, I'm not attracted to really tall-like over 5'8" -or heavy set women, some tattoos are O. I still sing & play music(acoustic gituar) but not in th I need a girlfriend wife and prayer partner, i need more of God, God is ever faithful. I read the bible daily, pray, attend church, and even witness to the lost. I would love to find a friend or my future partner.

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You are required to attach the registration tag to your dog's collar.

Cats are not required by law to wear registration tags, however we highly recommend this since a tag is provided and it is the best way to return a lost cat to it's owner.

The National Bureau of Economic Research has said the decline in marriage can be attributed to several factors, including an increase in educational endeavors.

Tony Hoyt, 28, a member of Our Lady of the Holy Souls Church in Little Rock, explained he was “dating school.” As a first year medical student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with three more years to go, plus an additional four years of residency, finding time to date is tough. “I still feel like a child at heart and I don’t realize I’m getting older. “I feel I am not rushed because of how much I have going in front of me,” Hoyt said.

Regardless of an animal's lifestyle, the State of Arkansas requires that a licensed veterinarian vaccinate all dogs and cats over the age of 3 months against rabies.

While not currently widespread, rabies is still prevalent in the wild and is a threat that requires constant vigilance.

Someone who knows without a doubt that everything else is trivial. I do have a daughter that I haven't seen in a long time unfortunately.

Someone who would want to go full throttle for the Lord with me.

“One of the key things about our current society it is a culture that’s highly driven by philosophy of relativism and instant gratification,” Baltz said.

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