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Our Collinsburg travel and vacation guide will help you find where to stay in Collinsburg.

Browse our Collinsburg accommodation and travel recommendations, to find out where to eat in Collinsburg and where to sleep - from luxury hotels in Collinsburg, hostels in Collinsburg and other Collinsburg vacation rentals to low cost short term rentals in Collinsburg Pennsylvania Collinsburg is situtated in Pennsylvania and populates 1,125 inhabitants (as of 2011-05-14).

Collinsburg Pennsylvania time zone is America/New_York. Collinsburg GPS cordinates are: -79.7683800,40.2242400.

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Nearest cities: West Newton borough, PA (1.0 miles ), Sutersville borough, PA (1.4 miles ), Herminie, PA (2.0 miles ), Fellsburg, PA (2.0 miles ), Wyano, PA (2.0 miles ), Yukon, PA (2.1 miles ), Madison borough, PA (2.2 miles ), Webster, PA (2.2 miles ). Collinsburg-area historical earthquake activity is near Pennsylvania state average. Source: Clifford Grammich, Kirk Hadaway, Richard Houseal, Dale E.

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