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Chew-pick), and identify themselves as Cup'ik people rather than Yup'ik.

This unique identity has allowed them to form a single-site school district, the Kashunamiut School District, rather than joining a neighboring Yup'ik school district.

The Cup'ik dialect is distinguished from Yup'ik by the change of "y" sounds into "ch" sounds, represented by the letter "c", and by some words that are completely different from Yup'ik words.

of 2000, there were 765 people, 167 households, and 129 families residing in the city.

When children are placed in such peril that the state takes custody of them away from their parents, a complex set of laws comes into play to ensure the child will receive the care, guidance, treatment, and control that will promote the child's welfare. These laws govern the rights of the parents, rights of tribal entities, rights of foster parents, grandparents, the rights of the child, and the best interest of the child.

The laws set deadlines when certain mandated court hearings must occur.

The population density was 668.6 people per square mile (259.1/km²).

There were 190 housing units at an average density of 166.1 per square mile (64.4/km²).

The racial makeup of the city was 3.66% White, 90.46% Native American, 0.13% from other races, and 5.75% from two or more races.

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