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The Network errors being reported all sound fairly similar.

Multiple PSN users are reporting of being booted from their games, with many unable to engage in party chat at all on PSN. My friend tried to make one as well but has the same issue."The same issues are also being reported across Reddit."Happened here as well, was in a rainbow 6 game and everyone in the game got booted from parties into game chat." wrote one user.

And Play Station fans have taken to Twitter to moan about the issues with many confirming PSN is down.

It's currently unclear what has caused tonight's outage for the time being.

How much of an emphasis on the Play Station side is there on making these games social? So we have a good amount of confidence in terms of this window for next year.

And how many of these demos that we're seeing will be the pack-in experience the way you had The answer to that last question is that we are not talking about what's going to be in the package. Pre-conference, you guys announced that media player capabilities were being added to PS4. Why did you guys, not bury it, but not include it in the greater presentation?

One Twitter user tweeted @Ask Play Station to say: "Hey @Ask Play Station I'm having some network issues it's really weird, I was playing online and it kicked me off the PSN network, help? While another said: "The Call of y Dutservers all went to s**t about maybe 15 minutes ago"For the time being, there's still no official word from Play Station and the server status page is still showing as all services as working fine.

Although the Ask Play Station Twitter support team are asking affected users to send any "error codes or messages when you try to connect to the network?

We are working to finalize the price and release date and day one launch titles and what's in the box, including if there's any game to come with it. Now this is something that my team keeps pestering me about asking you and our Twitch audience wants to know: They want me to ask you about light bar support.

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