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There is a sort of something that pulls you back to the pathway having taken a fork in the road."Last January, Dawkins described himself as a "cultural Anglican" during a debate with former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams on whether "religion has no place in the 21st Century."Dawkins, an emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, told the audience in the debate that he lost that his main concern was simply whether religion was true, and described religion as a "cop-out.""It is a betrayal of the intellect, a betrayal of all that's best about what makes us human," he argued."It's a phony substitute for an explanation, which seems to answer the question until you examine it and realize that it does no such thing…

In today's world where advanced technology is everywhere, many people across the globe are turning to internet dating in lieu of regular dating methods.

While you have probably heard many success stories from people who have tried these dating sites, you may be wondering what place a secular dating site has in the life of a true Christian.

Why would a Christian have an interest in people who have joined the dating site merely to find a person sleep with?

As a Christian you are to have standards that are holy and pure; however, finding other people on secular dating websites that really hold these same high standards is extremely difficult.

The minister was not identified."But if you don't have the supernatural, it's not clear to me why you would call yourself a minister," added Dawkins, who also said he had an "Anglican upbringing."At the festival, which started Thursday and will go in until June 1 in Hay-on-Wye in Wales, Dawkins was speaking while presenting the first volume of his memoirs, .

"But I am a secular Christian, if you want to call me that," Dawkins repeated.

According to the "2014 State of Dating in America" report published by Christian Mingle and JDate, 61 percent of Christians said they would have sex before marriage.

Fifty-six percent said that it's appropriate to move in with someone after dating for a time between six months and two years.

Dawkins claims he was so desperate to fit in at school that he did not join the astronomy club or any other science group for fear of being bullied, and therefore almost missed out on his future career.

“Peer pressure is terribly strong and there are things you should have tried but you don’t because you want to fit in.

"I was neither a bully, nor was I bullied, but I reproach myself for not having intervened.

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