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Now, a year and a half later, they have a book out under the same name, out Feb. And no stone in their relationship is left unturned.

"It was definitely really scary," Walsh, now 28, said of delving into intimate family histories, her private thoughts, and yes, even their sex life, with an unknown audience.

Lisa Hoehn specializes in transformations that can make anyone more attractive to potential suitors: online dating profile makeovers.

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There are some myths out there that people assume to be gospel about dating.

Christian culture is like any other in that we develop truisms that we accept without verifying.

The thing that’s interesting is what the rejections look like.

Because even though the approach is direct, the negative response is almost always softened.

date, because apparently at some point in life it’s not enough to get blasted on pints and try for a snog with that person you sort of like the look of and maybe there’s a thing there and well you’ll just press your faces together and see how it goes, but instead you have to go out collecting social interactions with people you don’t know on the off-chance you might find some kind of mutual attraction, and this is understood to be somehow So a man goes looking for a date and his friend films it and in the end it all tells us something about relationships in the 21st century or about the demise of face-to-face communication in London or whatever, and everyone nods very wisely at the screen about the lesson they’ve learned as they click “like” and “share”.

It is understood that the man has done something : “I think you are really brave to try to meet a girl in the old-fashioned way,” says an elegantly grey-haired woman with a continental accent in the video. Would anyone actually trying to establish social contact (rather than making a stunt video about trying to establish social contact) ever launch quite so bluntly into the topic at hand?

What would happen if Harry met Sally in the age of Tinder and Snapchat?

Manhattanites and graphic designers Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh decided to find out — and the platonic friends embarked on the tenuous mission of dating each other for 40 days.

The adventure was chronicled in a blog — and now a book — for all to see.

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