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He asked me to marry him in front of a crowd of people who applauded when I, of course, said yes!

And while summer fruits are at their peak, he serves up toasty freekeh salads with watermelon or grilled peaches and feta.

Around the same time that Conklin introduced his customers to whole grains, Executive Chef Steve Plescha started a healthy eating program at Pennswood Village Senior Living Community, in Newtown, Pa., in response to his own recent diabetes diagnosis.

Customers were mystified by the superfood at first, but it wasn’t long before they became hooked on the protein- and fiber-packed grain, plus other exotic offerings like black barley, farro and freekeh.

“My philosophy is, if you’re going to introduce something new, do it in a way that’s approachable by taking something that’s already popular and using it as your vessel,” Conklin says.

Now, whole grains, as well as reduced fat and reduced sodium dishes, are part of the menu for residents who were used to a very different type of fare.

“We came from Jell-O salads, aspics and coleslaw, so the [healthier food] was not well received in the beginning,” he says.

From Red Snapper that could feed a whole neighborhood to Grouper that weigh in at over 200 pounds, some fishing records have stood for years – others, however, are being broken all the time.

The SVSU football team needed a win against Lake Erie to guarantee a .500 season or better.

After enjoying a private tasting last Read More Battle of the Pans, Bistro Vendome, Boulder, Denver, Euclid Hall, Hunter Pritchett, Jen Jasinski, Jenna Johansen, Kelly Whitaker, Kyle Mendenhall, Luca d'Italia, Mateo, Max Mac Kissock, OAK at Fourteenth, Pizzeria Basta, Richard Betts, Rioja, Sean Kenyon, Sombra Mezcal, Spring 44 Vodka, Steve Redzikowski, Superstorm Sandy, Tee & Cakes, The Kitchen Community, The Squeaky Bean, Theo Adley, things to do in Boulder, Williams & Graham Superstorm Sandy smashed into the east coast, including my home state of New Jersey, and destroyed many things in her path.

Having spent so many summer days on the boardwalks at the Jersey Shore, I felt a huge feeling of disappointment seeing the images online.

When we all get to the ball good things happen.” However, SVSU quarterback Ryan Conklin was intercepted just a few plays later to give Lake Erie possession back.

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