Rss feeds not updating in ie8

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rss feeds not updating in ie8-22

If you are using Windows Vista, you already have rss reader functionality aboard, because Windows Vista comes with RSS capabilities out of the box.

But even if you are a Windows XP user with Internet Explorer 7, you are fully equipped with RSS reader functionality.

When you subscribe to an rss feed, your rss reader will automatically notify you whenever an update is published, without you having to check that particular website every day.

There are several free rss reader software packages available, but I don't really recommend that you download and install them.

You can subscribe to these feeds using your favorite RSS reader and you will see the latest updates on that service if it has any issues.

Note: These feeds will normally appear empty when the Azure service is healthy so you should only expect them to update when there are reported issues.

After an outage or incident they will once again be empty until the next issue crops up.

If you want to take a look at past issues with any of the Azure services just visit the Azure Status Portal History page.

To activate the service on your account select ‘Activate’. To choose how you view your RSS feed select ‘View the feed’.

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