dating people can not have kids - Row cannot be located for updating vb6 access

Just during start of my application I read the table "tbluser" to check if the user is authorized - I have to wait about 10 sec for the answer - there is only 1 record in the table ..... By the way, my machine becomes extremly slow ........

The following section details some common errors and their suggested fix or alternative solution.

If you are still experiencing problems, use the Connector/ODBC mailing list; see Section 9.1, “Connector/ODBC Community Support”.

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Description: I have a application in visual basic 6 I was updating the ODBC driver 3.51 to 5.1, the aplication work perfect with the 3.51 driver the only chance I make was in the DSN, con. Open "DSN=My Sqlfundacio" My Sqlfundaciob is the 3.51 connection make with the ODBC administrator and My Sqlfundacio is the one I make for the 5.1 driver When I try to update a recordset the next error show up error number -2147217864 (80040e38) Row cannot be located for updating.

These were originally published in Visual Developer magazine. Perhaps you will find something that is useful to you. Encoding and decoding passwords Implementing a stack Counting strings Converting numbers between decimal and binary Use the Data Report Designer Making the most of UDTs Comparing dates in Visual Basic Using the Collection object Normalize spaces in a string Send raw data to the printer port Creating synthetic keystrokes Detecting the state of the "lock" keys Using the standard input/output streams in Visual Basic Playing WAV files Playing the Windows system sounds Keeping an application log file Detecting a sound card Reduce the size of Visual Basic distribution files Easy creation of database connection strings Do you Do Events?

Unfortunately this excellent magazine stopped as of May 2000, so Column 24 was my last. Maximizing and evaluating computational performance Using command line arguments Use environment variables Prevent multiple program instances from running Avoid the End statement Creating formless Visual Basic applications Improving the Shell function Unlocking a program Determine if the Visual Basic IDE is running Using a resource file in a Visual Basic project Control the CD-ROM door Get data from Excel Understanding VB's advanced compiler options Don't forget the Class Builder utility Take advantage of conditional compilation Cautions when using the Setup and Deployment Wizard on Windows XP Tools for working with XML Save time with the API Text Viewer Keeping track of program usage Getting the current User Name Working with project groups Creating and using global properties Creating and using DLLs Understanding By Val and By Ref Avoid bugs with Option Explicit Customize your code editor Make use of Visual Basic's constants Using objects as properties Using the Friend keyword Making use of polymorphism Use the Collection object Simplify programming with enumerations Display the Windows search dialog Validate credit card numbers The Web Browser control is a powerful tool useful in many Web-related projects.

I appreciate any help with this, And please forgive my English I'm from Spain How to repeat: I have the next code Set con = New ADODB. Open "DSN=My Sqlfundacio" SQL1 = "SELECT * FROM Proyecto WHERE codproy='" & txt Codigo.

From another forum, I learnt that if you are using a static cursor for the recordset, using adlockbatchoptimistic instead of adlockoptimistic solved the problem.

Description: A float column with a long decimal digit value that where inserted from My SQL Query Browser or My SQL Command Line, cannot be updated/modified using VB6 and ADO 2.7/2.8.

I'm using: My SQL 4.1.11-nt-max My SQL Client 5.0.0 My ODBC 3.51.11-2 MDAC 2.8/2.7 VB6 Windows XP SP2 Error Message: Row cannot be located for updating. Connection String = "Provider=MSDASQL.1; User Name=root; Password=password; Extended Properties=""driver=; DATABASE=test; OPTION=3; PORT=0; SERVER=localhost""" cn.

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