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Constructed in 1999 under the joint effort of a Norwegian and the local government, Tangan Dong Ethnic Eco-Museum is a fine example of man and nature live in harmony. Early morning or rainy days will see it get lost amid layers of white clouds and mist like an abode of immortals.

Birds and wildlife live share this retreat with Dong villagers merrily also.

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Folk residences here are three-story wonders, which cling to the steep slopes neatly and breathe full of quaint, timeworn and charming flavor., collectively known as “Three Treasures of Dong People”, can be experienced here.

Dong architectures are wooden stone engineering marvels, which do not use a single snail or rivet.

Drum Tower, the highest architecture in a Dong village, enjoys unrivaled status.

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It is a place to soak in the inviting rice terraces, quaint stilt houses, intact drum towers, covered bridges, opera stages, ancient tomb clusters, unique stone wells, water wheels, looms and oil extracting mills.

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